Frank Menolascino: Actor

Trained in Stanislavski’s system, Frank has played a variety of roles on stage and on camera throughout the Chicago scene, honing his craft through never-ending work. From Durang’s comedies to other ensemble laugh-fests, to intense dramas like David Rabe and burgeoning original works, he has both carried productions and been the supporting player, with a rich and diverse character history.

Frank also performs in on camera projects (ReelĀ here), completing over a dozen films in the Chicago independent scene, including “White Shoes Black Water,” which featured Jim O’Heir and Joel Murray.

Frank was also Babyface Bambino, entertaining guests atĀ Untouchable Tours Chicago (2018 TripExpert Choice Award), a ride through the city’s prohibition era; making use of that lifelong love of organized crime history.

Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Elmhurst College; diehard Alice in Chains fan, loving all things Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell; 2Pac; Jordan, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, Rams, Hurricanes.